• Historic 25th Street is a historic area situated in Ogden, Utah, United States, the lower segment of which is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places. 

     The Historic 25th Street neighborhood possesses three squares of 25th Street, starting at Wall Avenue on the west end and consummation at Washington Ave on the east, with Lincoln and Grant Avenues transecting. 


    The history of 25th Street started with the opening of Union Station, at the west end of the street, amid the fulfillment of the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. Afterward, another rail line, the Utah Northern Railroad, was worked between Franklin, Idaho and Ogden. The Ogden Union Station Depot turned into the center point for the Utah Northern Railroad, and filled in as a noteworthy railroad intersection. The first structure of the Union Station Depot was crushed by a flame in 1923. 


    Amid the mid twentieth century, 25th Street was a focal point of action in Ogden. Home to retail shops, eateries, dessert parlors, lodgings, and laundries, the street was likewise a typical site for illegal exercises, for example, betting, prostitution and opiate deals. Prominently known as ''Two-Bit Street", the zone got such an undesirable notoriety, that Al Capone is supposed to have said that Ogden was too wild a town for him.An urban legend recounts an arrangement of underground passages that racketeers made amid disallowance to move liquor from Union Station to the Bigelow-Ben Lomond Hotel situated on the east end of the area.

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     25th Street, Ogden, UT

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